A great experience for your body and mind

A warm and cosy atmosphere, bright environment, and the scent of wood are the distinctive features of our rooms and suites, where you will feel comfortable and at home.

Shapes and colours play with the elements of nature. Precious details dictate the style, flowing fabrics and fine materials show all their variety and uniqueness.

What makes this hotel stand out is its wonderful location from where you can admire the breathtaking view of the Livigno valley and its surroundings. You’ll be daydreaming in no time.

Superior h
Superior elenchi

Starting from
€ 109

28-30 m2

Superior Rooms

Rooms with a view of Livigno for a relaxing stay in style.

Immagine Header
Immagine Elenchi

Starting from
€ 119

40 m2

Family Suites

Rich in carefully selected details to make you feel cosy and at home.

Gran family suite: Immagine Header
Gran family suite: Immagine Elenchi

Starting from
€ 129

50 m2

Grand Family Suites

These quiet panoramic suites will make you feel pampered in a refined yet cosy setting.

Gran suite superior spa: Immagine Header
Gran suite superior spa: Immagine Elenchi

Starting from
€ 179

55 m2

Superior Spa Grand Suites

Favilla and Sasso are our two superior grand suites, where your heart and mind will take on a journey full of emotions and a rainbow of sensations.

Suite Superior Spa: Immagine Header
Suite Superior spa: Immagine Elenchi

Starting from
€ 164

50 m2

Superior Spa Suites

Sole (sun) and Muschio (moss) are our two superior suites that evoke nature, sensuality, and harmony with one’s inner self and with others.

Suite spa: Immagine Header
Suite spa: Immagine Elenchi

Starting from
€ 139

33-40 m2

Spa Suites

Neve (snow), Vento (wind), Nuvola (cloud), and Rugiada (dew) are the vital elements that characterise these suites, ensuring a unique sensory experience.

Junior Suite: Hotel Baita Montana Livigno
Junior Suite - Hotel Baita Montana Livigno

Starting from
€ 119

28-30 m2

Junior Suites

These cosy and luminous suites will make you feel at home in an intimate and elegant setting.

Standard: Immagine Header
Standard: Immagine Elenchi

Starting from
€ 99

20-24 m2

Standard Rooms

Functional and carefully furnished rooms to make you feel comfortable and at home.